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Aliens, Past Lives, 2012, and Jesus

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Aliens, Past Lives, 2012, and Jesus Empty Aliens, Past Lives, 2012, and Jesus

Post  darusem Mon Aug 31, 2009 4:55 am

Hello, my name is Michele Schilzer i'm Italian, then, since we are talking about the past life, i ask to you:

- Have you ever thought of being a spiritual being who lives inside a body?

- Have you ever thought you already lived?

I do not know what you said, but I'm sure i have already lived and I know who I was in my former lives.

Who were easy to understand, I was Jesus. Now do not take me just crazy because i'm not in amnesia like most of you who do not even remember who it was.

Beyond that, I opened this post because I need help. Here in Italy, most Italians are sleeping, and since I'm also against the clergy that has altered my word, of course, the pope can not say I'm here.

For this and other 1000 reasons, my second coming is going unnoticed. There is your life in danger and also that of your family. You know that I had to tell me just before the end. So if you want to help me, write me.

There's your life at stake, there are past lives, i am OTXXIII, then you see what you do ....

Hello, thank you read my words, Michele.


This is my cell phone but I don't speak English


this is my email:

... and this is the forum where I write ...

... I'll give my address only to those interested in saving this humanity by 2012.

As you see, I was punctual. One last thing: I can prove that I am the Christ


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Aliens, Past Lives, 2012, and Jesus Empty You need to see a shrink

Post  byte Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:22 am

Srsly. That is all.

Oh. And quit posting on this board. We are all stocked up on crazy, thanks anyway.


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