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Things to say to the media.

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Things to say to the media. Empty Things to say to the media.

Post  Nigerian_Anachronism Sun May 11, 2008 3:07 pm

Here, let us come up with Q&A scenarios so that we not only can answer any media questions in the future, but answer them in such a way that the rest of anonymous would be proud. In addition, we can come up with questions and answers to any questions given to us by the general public. I'll start.

Q) What is Anonymous?

A) Anonymous is a loosely based group of like-minded individuals who delight in a unique sense of humor that partly involves sharing no identity. While anonymous conforms in this respect of never sharing one's identity, however, the group also seeks to expand on the duality of conformity and individualism by having wide-spread opinions, either expressed earnestly or for satirical reasons. Anonymous has all sorts of reputations, but ultimately the group as a whole is an intellectually constructed idea who enjoy making each other laugh. It should be noted, however, that Anonymous has never protested anything formally before, as that is usually not our style.

Q) Why is Anonymous protesting Scientology?

A) There are many good reasons for why Anonymous should protest Scientology, such as their policy on disconnecting families and their paranoia with criticism, but Anonymous also has a somewhat obscure personal vendetta against the church of Scientology for its censorship of material that Anonymous found entertaining. They'll try to censor or put a law suit on anything that speaks bad of them, mostly using the cry of "copy right violation". Anonymous, as an intellectual group, does not exactly agree with injustices, but the big thing that got the group rolling was how nonsensical and asinine the church's policies were on criticism, as well as the fact that it started effecting Anonymous.

Q) Isn't taking down a whole world-wide church a big vendetta for Anonymous?

A) Possibly, but Anonymous wouldn't have it any other way. Anonymous particularly enjoys seemingly impossible tasks, but if I were to give my humble opinion, a group you can't track due to it's anonymity is the best suited group for the job. In the end, though, we'll be satisfied if, at the least, the church loses it's tax exemption.

Q) Why are you wearing masks?

A) Since the major ideal of Anonymous is to remain anonymous, it makes sense for us to wear masks, but this also serves as our protection from the church of Scientology. Scientology, unfortunately, has been known to spy on any small group of people that the church thinks will be unable to legally respond to. Our disguises are the one thing protecting us from their policy of Fair Game, which is still being practiced despite the church saying it doesn't anymore. If they don't know who we are, they can't find out where we live and harass us or try to take us to court over superfluous details.

Q) How do you join Anonymous?

A) One does not simply join Anonymous, it isn't anything that complicated. However, Anonymous has a very complicated, sometimes even vulgar sense of humor. I wouldn't recommend pursuing Anonymous as it is on the internet unless you have a strong stomach and enjoy a vast range of different humors and jokes. However, all one has to due, basically, is not reveal your identity in any sort of way, but to become entrenched in the Anonymous sub-culture you'd have to already enjoy it's sense of humor and observe it from afar until you learned the ropes. Anonymous has a policy of breaking in new people. They don't answer questions and try to be as unhelpful as possible, so it's just best to observe.

However, Anonymous is looking for people to aid in the protests, not joining our group. We'd be much happier if you will judge our protest based on how we act out here rather than on the internet anyway.

Q) Where do you go to become Anonymous?

A) Basically, all you have to do is not reveal our identity, so if your on the internet any place that allows you to post anonymously will do the trick, but using Google would do the trick. I'd recommend doing searches on Operation Snow White first though.

Q) [If any memes are executed] What is that [the meme]?

A) It's just an inside joke, don't worry about it. It has nothing to do with the protest and we need something to keep us occupied while we're out here. Think of it as our way of playing checkers or something.


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