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a Message From Xenu

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a Message From Xenu Empty a Message From Xenu

Post  AnonymousAkuma Fri Aug 29, 2008 3:32 am

Inspired by the "TruthRockets" a poem;

This is a message from Xenu
He says STFU
He says he feels great
Working on his DC-8
And the message continues
He's coming for Tom Cruise
And his buddy midget
With the 9 billion GET
With all that cash
He will rape Miscavaige
This poem is so lame
We should An Hero in shame
But the message continues
Scientologist screw you
They cheat swindle and lie
While L. Ron Hubbard got high
Thank Infinity for the creatin
Now I can piss on his thetan
He lied about Xenu
He lied to all of you
It wasn't psychiatry or dog doo
It was all done with VooDoo
And the wall of fire
Was a euthynism for his desire
And the message continues
All about Tom Cruise
In his acts of lately
Was just to get with Katie
To prove he's not gay
But we all know his way
When he is in a rut
Travolta porks his butt
And so end this message from Xenu
With a goodbye and a FU


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a Message From Xenu Empty Re: a Message From Xenu

Post  byte301 Fri Aug 29, 2008 10:39 am



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